purpose of plasma cutters

If you are looking for precision tools for cutting all types of metals, plasma cutters are all you need. They can be used to cut most types of metals regardless of their thickness. Since this type of welding machine is versatile, it is also useful across different types of applications. By regulating the voltage intake, you can determine how thick the metal to be cut should be. For instance, with a few volts you can cut sheet metal. Plasma cutters are highly portable meaning you can use them almost anywhere there is electricity.

Like a welding machine, plasma cutters work by sending ac arc of electric current through compressed air. This iodizes the air molecules turning them into plasma, which is hot enough to cut metal. They are not like saws which throw off metal bit and fragments. Neither are they like other torch cutting devices that leave behind unnecessary dross. Plasma cutters are relatively clean and hardly leave any debris. Whatever small fragments they leave are usually very easy to clean off.

Plasma cutters are the darling of metal sculptors because of the need for precise cuts. They can give you a range of colour and texture no matter the kind of shape you are looking for. Talk to LBW today.